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Dragon Boat Festival

DATE: Jun 28th, 2020
Today is June 24, 2020,tomorrow is traditional Chinese Festival:the Dragon Boat Festival!

We will have a holiday,so this noon,we will have a luncheon together,to eat the traditional food:ZONGZI!
Our company bought some ZONGZI,with two kinds of tastes:sweet and salt,as well as bought many fruits,watermelon,pear,peal,grape and etc.
At 12:00 am,lunchtime was coming,all of us came to the meeting room,the sweet smelling are full of the hall,there are two kinds of ZONGZI,one is sweet,and the other is salt.we cheered for the good festival!

I eat one sweet at first,WOW!It is the traditional taste,Stuffed with honey dates and glutinous rice,so sweet it is!
And then I eat one salt,it is also very good!Stuffed with meat and glutinous rice.
There are so many fruits in this season,the watermelon were very sweet,and so did the pear and peal.
Everyone were so happy,we were talking and smiling,it was so wonderful to see smiling in everyone's face!
Wish our country will be more strong,wish our life will be more happier!

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