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happy new year

Spring Festival holiday notice

In order to welcome the coming Spring Festival, Zhengzhou Yuanrijia Trading Co., Ltd. will be on holiday from January 19, 2023 to January 28, 2023. During the Spring Festival, telex release bill of lading cannot be provided temporarily. Please arrange the balance payment in time, so that we can get the notice of release from the freight forwarder in advance, so as not to affect your delivery during the Spring Festival.
Zhengzhou Yuanrijia staff wish you a happy New Year, family happiness and health!
DATE: 2023-01-15
metal standing frame mirror oak

Metal standing frame mirror samples will shipped with the order

In the second half of 2022, we newly developed a batch of metal standing frame mirrors, which are made of aluminum alloy and pasted on the frame by a new process to make a simulated wood texture effect, which is favored by our Israeli customers, and then let us arrange proofing.
After 15 days, the oak color standing mirror sample has been completed, and it is sent to the customer in the form of a picture for confirmation, and after the customer's affirmation, the sample and the order will be arranged to ship together, looking forward to the customer's feedback after receipt.
DATE: 2023-01-06
Winter Solstice - Eating Dumplings

Winter Solstice - Eating Dumplings

As a festival, the winter solstice has a history of more than 2,500 years. In China, there was a saying that "the winter solstice is as big as the year", and the court and the people have always attached great importance to it, and there have been sacrifices since the Zhou Dynasty.
It is worth mentioning that people originally celebrated the winter solstice festival to celebrate the arrival of the new year.
After slowly evolving, some customs and habits also followed. Nowadays, in the north of China, there is a custom of eating dumplings on the winter solstice, while in the south it is eating sweet dumplings, of course, there are exceptions, such as in Tengzhou, Shandong and other places, the custom of drinking mutton soup on the day of the winter solstice is more popular, which means to drive away the cold.
After a simple lunch, we started the new year to discuss the development direction of household wooden frame mirrors, and strive to develop more best-selling frames mirrors in the new year.
DATE: 2022-12-23

Shipped rattan framed mirrors to Chile

In order to stagger the domestic factory for the Spring Festival holiday, our Chilean customer sent a new order for a 40-foot container in advance. Under the condition of strictly controlling the product quality, we completed the order ahead of time and delivered it to the port. The rattan framed mirrors, home decoration wall mirrors and standing aluminum frame mirrors purchased this time can have a good response in the customer's market.
DATE: 2022-12-16
Loading picture

Late Night Shipment to Israel - Aluminum Standing Mirror

The day of delivery came after 55 days of production. In order to make the customer satisfied with the receipt of the goods, we will send the mass production photo to the customer for confirmation before shipment, and arrange the shipment after obtaining the customer's consent. Because the shipment time is urgent, our workers will work overtime until late at night for loading cabinet.
After the goods arrived at the port, the customer arranged the final payment for the goods in time, and praised that the quality of our aluminum standing mirrors is as good as ever.
DATE: 2022-12-02
rattan home decoration framed mirror

First published- New rattan home decoration framed mirror

In ancient India, people used rattan to make chairbacks and cabinet doors. In the twenties of the 20th century, famous designers also repeatedly used rattan design when designing interior furniture for the industrial city of Chandigarh in India. Today, the streets of Paris can also be seen everywhere with the shadow of rattan weaving.
This time, in order to inherit the ancient technology and expand the new market, our technical staff responsible for the research and development of new products focused their eyes on the rattan knitting project and carried out the research of the frame mirror once again. Because the material of rattan is more breathable, it gives people a fresh and elegant feeling. In addition, the plasticity of rattan is very strong, which can be applied to all kinds of modeling. In addition, the rattan is used as our new raw material for the frame mirror in order to restore the elegant life of the last century with the retro design.
DATE: 2022-11-22
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