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Eat Dumplings Together

DATE: Dec 20th, 2019
Today is December 20,2019, in order to meet the upcoming Winter Solstice Day, Zhengzhou Yuanrijia Trading Co. , Ltd. will make dumplings to eat together.
Every company always have a dining together at the end of the year, but our company have hand-made dumplings to eat together in the winter solstice day every year .

This morning we came to work very early, handle our work at hand, some one go to buy meat and vegetables, some wash pots and pans, then together pick vegetables, mince, make dumplings. We have different hometown, so have the different way to make dumplings, so we got different shape of dumplings!It is wonderful!
At noon, turn on the induction cooker and cook the dumplings. In a short while, steaming hot dumplings on the table, we together eat so happy!
we have had the relaxing time together, this make us a united company!
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