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Wonderful mirror

DATE: Aug 12th, 2021
There was a little fish playing in the beautiful pool,he was tired and was about to have a rest. Suddenly, the little fish found something glittering,he opened his eyes and couldn't help crying out: “what a large and bright mirror!” “It will be great to take the mirror home and let everybody take a look at it,” the little fish thought. He swam to the mirror very gently, but the“mirror”broke into pieces suddenly before touching it. He was very sad. However, after a while, the "mirror" was back to its original appearance.
At this time, the little fish found a little frog singing by the river. "Brother frog, I found a large round mirror. Could you help me carry it home?" he asked. The little frog agreed.
He just wanted to hold the mirror with his wide mouth,     suddedly the“mirror”broke into pieces again. Both the little fish and the little frog were sad. However, after a while, the "mirror" was round again.
    At this time, grandfather shrimp came: "silly boy, this is not a mirror, this is moon's reflection." The little fish and the little frog looked at the sky and then the water surface, they all laughed, even the moon in the pool.
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