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What are the kinds of full-length mirrors?

DATE: Apr 15th, 2022
Full-length mirrors according to its structure and put the position, can be divided into Wall-mounted full-length mirror,foldable full-length mirror,floor-standing full-length mirrors and spliced full-length mirror.
1.Wall-mounted full-length mirror

By hanging or pasting it on the wall cabinet, it does not take up space, and it also becomes an integral part of the home decoration environment. It is more suitable for some rooms with relatively small space, or people who have a preference for wall-mounted mirrors.
2.Foldable full-length mirror

Its stand can be folded up, and it can be used and placed without taking up space, which is very convenient.
3.Floor-standing full-length mirror

It is used as furniture commonly, it has heavier round or square base, the mirror frame behind can be used as clothes and hats.
4.Spliced full-length mirror

In recent years, it is more popular creative mirror, it has a square or rectangular basis, unit splicing, unit splicing, more suitable for the pursuit of personalized young people.
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