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Tips for cleaning and maintaining mirror frames at home

DATE: Oct 12th, 2022
Mirrors are an essential part of every home, but do you know how to clean and maintain them to make them last longer? The tips for the first part of mirror cleaning and maintenance are as follows:
1. Vinegar and water. We can use a 2:1 ratio of water and vinegar to clean the dirt on the wall mirror round modern. After cleaning, wipe the mirror with a dry cloth and the mirror will be cleaned.
2. Soapy water. In order to make the bathroom mirror not blurry, we can soak soap in soapy water, then apply the soaked soap solution on the mirror, and then wipe the mirror with a dry cloth to form a thin soap film on it. If you use the vintage wall mirror again, you will find that the mirror is not so easy to blur. In addition to using soap liquid, shampoo can also achieve this effect.
3. Newspaper. After cleaning the mirror, you only need to take some home newspapers and wipe off the moisture on the glass to make the floor mirror oval clean.
The second part of the mirror cleaning and maintenance tips stay tuned!!!
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