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The secret of mirror 1-electroless silver plating

DATE: Jun 12th, 2020
As a necessity in our daily life, mirror is used for dressing up.After the continuous renewal of history, it has evolved from the natural mirror to the metal mirror and then to the glass mirror.Glass mirror is also divided into silver mirror, copper mirror and aluminum mirror due to different back coating.There are two surface processing methods of glass forming reflective imaging surface: electroless silver plating and vacuum evaporation.The most common method is electroless silver plating. Today, let's talk about it:
This method is to dissolve silver nitrate in water, add ammonia water and sodium hydroxide solution,  dilute them to silver hydroxide ammonia complex salt to make silver plating solution. And to take invert sugar or formaldehyde, potassium sodium tartrate solution as reducing solution. After the glass is cut, bevelled (polished if necessary) and cleaned, it is sensitized with stannous chloride solution, then cleaned, and then immediately immersed in the surface with mixture of silver plating solution and reducing solution, mirror formed after cleaning, followed by copper plating and protective paint coating.
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