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The group visited the Hongqiqu

DATE: Sep 28th, 2019
On September 28,2019, the golden autumn season, our company's annual tourism relaxation time is coming, all the staff and family members of ZHENGZHOU YUANRIJIA Trading Co. , Ltd. , over 30 people travel to the Red Flag Canal,Linzhou, Anyang, Henan! 

All the way full of expectations, gradually see the mountains undulating, wild berries hanging in the branches, wild brilliant flowers on the mountain wall brilliant, finally at around 11:30 to reach the destination: SHIBANYAN town. After lunch, we came to the Taihang Mountains ,waterfalls, streams, cool breeze, so wonderful place it is!

In the evening, back to the farm, the villagers prepare for us the local food, eat very appetizing! Thanks a lot for the dilicious traditional food!
The next day,we visit the Hongqiqu river.In the old days when the mountains were short of water, people overcame many difficulties to excavate the Red Flag Canal river, which attracted water to the people. Water is the source of life, from then on, people's life is getting better and better!

Around 5 pm, we safely returned to Zhengzhou city, the trip are successfully concluded!
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