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How to protect the mirror from damage during transportation?

DATE: Sep 24th, 2020
Mirrors are fragile products, so customers are often concerned about the packaging during the transit. Today, we will tell you how we pack the mirrors:PE sheet+corner protection +six-sided polyfoam board of 3cm thickness+carton. This way of package is safe and has been passed the package drop test.

The test criteria are as follows:
Packaged product weight Drop height
0-9.5KGS 76.2CM
9.5-18.5KGS 60.9CM
18.5-27.5KGS 46CM
27.5-45.0KGS 30CM
45-67KGS 20CM
The following video is the drop test operated on site ;by our packaging workers. They lifted the packaged mirror to a certain height, and then dropped it. After the drop test for each side, they checked the package and the mirror, both of them are free from damage. This kind of mirror is wood mirror with metallic texture, which is our hot-sale product.
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