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DATE: Jun 1st, 2020
Twice a year, we meet at the Canton Fair. We have our own booth each time.

As you walk along, If you feel a little tired, please come to our booth, have a look at our exhibits ,take a seat, have a rest, drink a bottle of mineral water!
There are 16 halls in ABC three zones, each of which is divided into three levels and has more than 30 booths. Some customers come to talk about the details of the exhibits, they are tired and thirsty ,just find a chair to sit down when talking. We will take out the mineral water, pass to the customers to drink.

We know that we are standing by the booth, but you are more tired than us, you are constantly walking from one hall to another.
Friends, whether you are our old customers, or not, please do not hesitate to come to our booth to have a look, sit, rest ,drink a bottle of water!You are welcome!
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