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How To Do Business From 0To 1 Million Together With A New Customer 1?

DATE: Jun 1st, 2020
We have done business with Ms.Helen for 5 years, she buys 2 million dollars of our mirrors a year now.

 Helen was a large buyer and had more than 100 stores in Europe.I met her at Canton fair in 2015,she liked our one heart mirror very much. The first question is same as many other customers. “How much?” she asked. I quoted her a normal best price for one 40’HC. “How much for 3000pcs? please check and send email”,she gave me her name card and left.

For 3000pcs one item,we really could save some costs,we could buy large quantity of frame material,mirror material,carton material and the worker can also save time to produce one item easily. Of course,we must return these cost savings to the customer.

When I was back office,we checked all cost details and quoted the bottom price to Helen. She was very glad and thanks for our efforts. We sent her a heart mirror sample,she confirmed the quality and colour. Then she placed her first order,we started the business together in 2015.

 During the business,Helen wanted to a nice colour display box for some mirrors to promote sales,we are glad to cooperate with her,print the beautiful colour display box matched panton colour exactly.

Before Christmas sales season,Helen need us to ship the order earlier. Of course it was OK,we added two production lines to increase production.

We have advanced equipment and good quality control process, produce mirror material and frame material by ourself,so our mirrors have good quality but low price. We also have professional designers to design many new items every year.

During cooperation with Helen these years,we always provide good quality mirrors,design many new items,ship the order on time, match Helen’s demands and ideas, match,improve and lead the market.

I believe Helen and us will continue to do business very well to achieve 3 million dollars and more.

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