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our most impressive buyer of the framed mirror

DATE: Jun 1st, 2020
In 2012 we began to export the mirror with frame, that fall we attended in the 112th Canton Fair.

Busy five days, we welcomed many customers, the most impressive  customer, Mr. P from Poland. Till now, we still export frames to him, and have become very good friends.

Most customers, come to the booth with pens and notebooks, mobile phone,cameras and IPADS, even someone carry a translator or two, and some carry a suitcases. But Mr. P was an exception. He just walked in alone, with a cell phone, no pen, no notebook.

On the first day, he came to our booth ,chose several items and asked about the details and prices . And then he left.
The next day, he came again, and remembered clearly all the questions he asked yesterday, and my answers. It was only after going through my notes that I found that he remembered them all very well. So good memories!
After the show, he e-mailed a few more questions, and I sent him a detailed quote and a photo. He placed an order for me. From then on, we have orders each year. And they quantity are getting more and more!
It has been nine years till now. In the last 126th Canton Fair he brought his 11-year-old son to meet us , and we are happy to take a photo together.
Both of us wish that our cooperation will continue in the future,and will do better and better.
We have many smart buyers,Mr.P is the one among them.
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