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Hard-working & responsible Ms H.

DATE: Jun 1st, 2020
Because of her busy schedule, the flight to our factory had to be rescheduled.
Finally she came to our factory on the afternoon of the 18th. As soon as she got out of the car, she didn't have time to have a cup of tea,  she came to the workshop. After reviewing the production process, she stops at her goods pile and starts the inspection.

She checked the shipping marks,and it is all right.and open the cartons very sequentially and carefully:outer carton, PE paper sheet, Foam Board around inside the cartons, angle protectors. Every detail is scrutinized, photographed, questioned and explained.
The most important step is the drop tests:there are 6 surfaces of one carton,and 8 sides,4 edges and 8 corners,each one need to be dropped ,and the height is different of each items of different weight.

And then we tests the hangers bearing.and etc. After all the inspections finished,it is time to drive her to the airport,she will go to another factory to do the inspections the next day.

 I was very touched by her,hard working,and be responsible,and professional.

We all have to be this kind of people who have their professional knowledge and work hard.
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